“Ransomware Attack on MFHS Compromises Data of 460,000 Individuals”

Maternal & Family Health Services (MFHS), a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit health provider, confirmed that a ransomware attack exposed sensitive data of nearly half a million people. The data breach affected current and former patients, employees, and vendors.   MFHS became aware of the incident on April 4, 2022. However, they suspect the initial compromise might have […]

Blockchain: The Key to Overcoming Tor’s Biggest Challenges for a Fully Free Internet

:: The United Nations (UN) upholds freedom of expression as a basic human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This right encompasses the liberty to voice opinions without interference and to share, receive, and seek information via any media, irrespective of borders. However, the deliberate spread of false information, or […]