Microsoft Neutralizes Espionage Attempt by China-Based ‘Storm-0558’ Targeting Western European Agencies

Microsoft has neutralized an attack by Storm-0558, a China-based cyber threat. This actor targeted customer emails, particularly of Western European government agencies. The investigation, triggered by customer reports in June 2023, found that the threat had started in May and impacted 25 organizations.   Storm-0558 accessed emails by forging authentication tokens with an acquired Microsoft […]

Unveiling Ukraine’s Top Secret Spy Chief

Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine’s intelligence chief, maintains a public profile to broadcast his message and intimidate Russia. A necessity of modern warfare, Budanov believes, is to stay out of the shadows, a trend he claims Ukraine is setting.   Since Ukraine lost the informational war when Russia seized Crimea in 2014, Budanov believes that Ukraine has […]

Vienna Emerges as Espionage Capital of Europe Amidst Russia-Ukraine Conflict,

Vienna is now considered Europe’s espionage hub due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite increased covert activities, Austria’s government has made no significant moves to address this. Three opposition parties attempted to criminalize espionage, but government delays have stalled progress.   MP Stephanie Krisper, of the liberal Neos party, criticized the government for not changing […]

Client-Side Scanning (CSS) is Dangerous and Ineffective in the Fight Against CSAM: Joint statement from more than 300 scientists from 32 countries warning against the EU proposal for regulation to detect Child Sexual Abuse Material

The letter:  Child sexual abuse is a grave crime, and it’s everyone’s duty to prevent and swiftly respond to it. The European Commission proposed a law aimed at stopping child sexual abuse material online and online child grooming, allowing authorities to scan activities of users on apps or online services.   The proposed law hinges […]

The Intelligence and Security Committee Report Questions UK Government’s Balance Between Economic Interests and Security Amid China Threat

The Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC) warns of China’s persistent and aggressive intelligence activities against the UK. They criticize successive governments for inadequate response to this threat, raising concerns about China’s influence in UK universities and their ambition in the civil nuclear energy sector.   The report asserts China targets UK’s industry and technology, posing […]

Revised Amendment Constrains Department of Defense’s Data Purchase: The Urgent Need for Congress to Address Nationwide Data Broker Loopholes

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has released a report revealing that the Intelligence Community (IC) extensively collects and uses commercially available information (CAI), including sensitive data. It points out the IC’s lack of clear policies and understanding about the nature and usage of the collected data, especially in light of legal […]