Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered in Global TETRA Communication Standard Used by Law Enforcement and Critical Infrastructure

The globally-used Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) standard, critical to law enforcement and infrastructure sectors, is now compromised by five vulnerabilities known as TETRA:BURST. Two of these vulnerabilities are deemed critical, posing potential risks to network security across a multitude of industries.   These vulnerabilities, affecting all TETRA networks, enable real-time decryption, message injection, user deanonymization […]

Iranian Spyware ‘Spyhide’ Stealthily Collects Data from 60,000 Android Devices Globally, Reveals Hacker

Iranian-developed Android spyware, Spyhide, is compromising thousands of devices worldwide by collecting private phone data, according to new reports. This stalkerware, undetectable on a victim’s home screen, uploads contact details, messages, photos, call logs, recordings, and location data in real-time.   Swiss hacker maia arson crimew exposed the spyware’s vulnerabilities, gaining access to its backend […]