West Cracks Down on Russia’s Deep-Cover Spies: Over 700 Diplomats Expelled, Illegals Expose

In a bold move against Russia’s Deep-Cover Spies, Western intelligence agencies, led by MI5, have exposed and arrested several undercover Russian agents. Among those detained were Orlin Roussev, Bizer Dzhambazov, and Katrin Ivanova, who had been living inconspicuously in London’s suburbs. Their exposure marks a shift in Western strategy, which has become increasingly transparent in […]

First Quantum Resilient Security Key Unveiled Amidst Rising Threats of Quantum Attacks

Google has launched the first quantum resilient FIDO2 security key, part of OpenSK. The ECC/Dilithium hybrid signature, co-created with ETH Zürich, ensures protection against both standard and quantum threats.   The rapid advancement of quantum computers poses risks to traditional public key cryptography. However, the recent standardization, including the Dilithium algorithm, offers a defense against […]