Breaking 17 OCT 2023: – – -Biden plans high-stakes visit to Israel amidst Gaza conflict

President Joe Biden is undertaking a high-risk visit to Israel to demonstrate solidarity with Israel and the United States’ key Middle East ally and prevent the conflict from spreading further. His visit coincides with efforts to establish a humanitarian corridor to Gaza, and it underscores concerns within the administration about the crisis potentially escalating into […]

Breaking 17 OCT 2023: – – -Israeli strikes killed one of Hamas senior terrorist in Gaza

One of Hamas’s terror organization leaders, Ayman Nofal, was reported killed by Israeli airstrikes in Gaza today 17 OCT 2023. Nofal, a member of Hamas’s military council responsible for central Gaza operations. Israel has stated it targeted several Hamas leaders in recent Gaza strikes and expressed the intent to dismantle the group. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn […]