UK intelligence agencies are preventing an average of eight terrorist plots annually, primarily linked to a worrying resurgence of Al-Qaeda. Government ministers caution that the terror threat is escalating, posing a complex, ongoing challenge for security services like MI5.

With 39 terror attempts thwarted since 2017, UK security services are dedicating around 75% of their time combating Islamist threats. These threats are often planned for crowded events and public sites, indicating that an attack remains a constant possibility.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman warns that the UK faces a less predictable and increasingly intricate domestic terror threat, largely from Islamist groups. These threats are often driven by “lone wolves“, independent actors operating outside of established terror groups, making them harder to detect and disrupt.

Meanwhile, the report reveals a concerning link between poor mental health and susceptibility to radicalization. Online conspiracy theories are also increasingly acting as gateways to terror. It advises that advanced monitoring and surveillance technologies are crucial for keeping up with these evolving threats.


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