T-Mobile, the telecom giant, has experienced another significant data breach, impacting millions of its current customers. The compromised data includes names, dates of birth, email addresses, billing addresses, T-Mobile account numbers, and service subscription details.  APR 2022, DEC 2021 , AUG 2021 ,JAN 2021


This is not the first time T-Mobile has been hacked. The company has a history of substantial data breaches, with incidents in April and December 2022 and earlier. Notably, a hacker sold data of 200 million T-Mobile customers on the dark web in August 2021.


Discovered in January 2023, the latest breach, which took place in November 2022, led T-Mobile to hire an external cybersecurity team to investigate. The breach impacted 37 million customers, but didn’t include sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, government ID numbers, credit card information, passwords, PINs, and financial data.


Despite the exclusion of such sensitive information, cybersecurity experts believe that the accessed data can still facilitate scams and identity theft. T-Mobile has begun notifying affected customers and continues to prioritize the strengthening of its cybersecurity measures.

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