In the aftermath of the war ignited by Hamas’ brutal terrorist attack on Israel, there is heightened concern regarding the potential increase in motivation among terrorist entities and individual aggressors to inflict harm on Israelis globally. Consequently, we urge Israelis to critically assess their planned international travel at this juncture, and to particularly avoid travel to countries under a travel warning, especially various middle East countries.

In light of today’s attack in Alexandria, Egypt (October 8), resulting in the tragic death of two Israeli citizens, we strongly advise those currently in Egypt and Sinai to curtail their stay and exit the country at the earliest convenience.

For those who remain abroad, especially in countries with elevated travel warnings, adherence to recommended safety precautions is imperative. Minimize public space attendance as much as possible.

Moreover, due to unfolding events and developments, Israelis may experience increasing difficulties returning to Israel due to the reduction of international flights to the country.


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