Canada’s leading cybersecurity official, Sami Khoury, has warned Canadians about the potential dangers of data-harvesting apps like TikTok, a Chinese-owned social media platform. This alert follows global concerns regarding TikTok’s data collection practices.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has confirmed the  Communications Security Establishment is monitoring potential threats from TikTok. Similarly, the US has seen Republican Senators propose a ban on the app, reflecting its widespread popularity and potential risks.


Khoury emphasizes the need for users to scrutinize app permissions, questioning why certain apps need access to extensive personal data. He urges users to be aware of what they’re agreeing to when installing applications, especially with regard to personal information access.


The accumulating information from various contacts poses a risk, according to Khoury, as the aggregated data could end up in jurisdictions lacking rule of law and human rights respect. This follows accusations of aggressive data harvesting against TikTok, with US federal employees already banned from using the app on government devices.


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