UK Online Safety Bill Passed; Critics Fear Impact on Free Speech

The UK’s Online Safety Bill (OSB), targeting social media companies’ user safety, has been passed after six years of deliberation. The legislation mandates platforms to protect from harmful content and remove illegal material. Critics argue it curtails free speech and gives excessive power to tech giants and regulators. Companies face fines up to £18m for […]

China Utilizes Global Shipping for Massive Surveillance and Intelligence Gathering

China has significantly expanded its influence in the global maritime trade, which accounts for 90% of worldwide trade, over the past three decades, now controlling a large portion of foreign ports and manufacturing most shipping containers and ship-to-shore cranes. This dominance enables China to gather strategic data globally, a move that blurs the lines between […]

New EU-US Data Transfer Agreement Faces Legal Challenges in EU Court

French MEP Philippe Latombe, backed by German Bundestag members, has initiated legal actions against the recent EU-US data transfer agreement, aiming to overturn it due to perceived inadequacies in US data protection standards, a stance supported by critics including FDP’s Maximilian Funke-Kaiser. The ongoing dispute underscores a history of unstable data transfer agreements between the […]

EFF: Warrantless Drone Surveillance Violates Fourth Amendment

The EFF has filed an amicus brief with the Michigan Supreme Court in the Long Lake Township v. Maxon case, urging the court to restrict warrantless drone surveillance, which they argue violates the Fourth Amendment and the Michigan Constitution. The EFF countered this argument, emphasizing the unique capabilities of drones to silently gather extensive data […]

European Court Rules UK Accountable for Overseas Digital Spying

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the UK’s digital spying on individuals outside its territory is unlawful, marking a significant milestone in the protection of privacy and human rights in the digital era. The case highlighted the UK’s breach of privacy and freedom of expression rights through its bulk interception regime.  The […]

DOD Releases 2023 Cyber Strategy Summary

The 2023 DOD Cyber Strategy, recently transmitted to Congress, delineates the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DOD) strategic direction in operationalizing the priorities of various national strategies, building upon the learning from cyber operations experiences and observations from the Russia-Ukraine war.  The strategy underscores the augmentation of collective cyber resilience by fostering allies and partners’ cyber […]

Apple Releases Emergency Update to Counter NSO Group Spyware

Apple has responded to two critical vulnerabilities in its mobile operating system exploited by NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware, with one discovered by Citizen Lab and the other identified by Apple itself, forming an exploit chain called “Blastpass.” The vulnerabilities could potentially allow attackers to run malicious codes on various Apple devices, including compromising sensitive financial […]

UK: Parliamentary Aide Chris Cash Arrested as Suspected China Spy

Tory parliamentary researcher Chris Cash has been arrested on suspicion of spying for China. Cash was associated with notable figures such as Tom Tugendhat and Alicia Kearns and led the China Research Group, which advocated for a stringent policy towards China.  Chris Cash, a 28-year-old Tory parliamentary researcher, has been arrested on suspicion of spying […]

Foreign Student in Norway Arrested for Suspected Espionage and Eavesdropping

A 25-year-old foreign student has been arrested in Norway, suspected of espionage and illegal eavesdropping. The arrest was executed by Norway’s domestic security agency, PST. The individual was charged in court shortly after the arrest. Details about his identity and the nation he was potentially working for remain undisclosed. The suspect has pleaded not guilty […]

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