The White House confirmed that a Chinese signals intelligence center based in Cuba has been targeting the U.S. since 2019. The center’s proximity to Florida, home to key U.S. military command centers, has alarmed Washington lawmakers, leading to bipartisan expressions of concern.


Paul Kolbe, a former CIA officer, discussed China’s intelligence program in Cuba. He highlighted that China’s interest in Cuba reflects its expanding intelligence operations and its geopolitical ambitions, including cultivating relationships with Latin American governments and gaining access to critical resources.


Kolbe emphasized that while the Cuban intelligence center is a concern, Chinese cyber operations pose a greater threat. These operations aim to support Chinese security interests, economic growth, and expansion by exploiting America’s open structures and transferring intellectual wealth.


In response to these threats, Kolbe suggests that the U.S. should focus on education campaigns for companies, government agencies, and universities to increase awareness and enhance security measures. Additionally, law enforcement and intelligence communities should work to uncover espionage operations and create a hostile environment for such activities.



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