The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has initiated a recruitment drive targeting Russian officials, leveraging dissatisfaction stemming from the Ukraine war.

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is targeting Russian officials in a recruitment drive. A video, released in Russian, urges them to “tell the truth” about a system purportedly full of deceit. The initiative leverages dissatisfaction among Russians over the Ukraine war. CIA Director William Burns highlighted this rare opportunity to recruit spies in July.

The video depicts a Russian official navigating a snowy Russian city. It carries the title “Why I made contact with the CIA – for myself.” The narrative condemns the distortion of truth in official reports. It portrays the official demonstrating integrity despite the prevailing culture of dishonesty. The CIA emphasizes its interest in the truth and promises rewards for integrity.


The release follows U.S. and British intelligence’s claimed foresight into Kremlin’s Ukraine invasion plans, marking a win after previous failures. Western spies find Moscow a challenging operating ground, adhering to “Moscow Rules” established during the Soviet era. These rules, updated for contemporary Russia, caution against complacency while navigating the complex intelligence landscape in Russia.


Russia, meanwhile, accuses the U.S. and Britain of backing Ukraine to exploit Russian resources, a claim both nations reject. Putin, leveraging his KGB background, has revitalized Soviet-era intelligence agencies. However, the CIA contends that Putin lacked a clear understanding of the ground realities in Ukraine before deciding to invade.

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