As the EU prepares the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act, civil society urges the focus to be on human rights. The AI Act should counter how AI systems, which are increasingly used globally, can infringe upon rights and control various aspects of our lives.


To prevent misuse, a strong regulatory framework is needed to hold companies and governments accountable. This framework should counter issues like mass surveillance, discrimination, power concentration among tech companies, lack of decision-making transparency, and environmental damage.


The AI Act must provide mechanisms for individuals to understand and contest AI systems that harm them or violate their rights. This includes the ability to lodge complaints and seek remedies. It should also demand transparency from AI system users and ensure that their impact is assessable globally.


The AI Act should also limit harmful surveillance practices, ban specific uses of AI, and ensure that AI systems do not infringe upon rights and the rule of law. Lastly, it must withstand pressures from big tech companies, maintain clear standards, and remove loopholes that could undermine regulation.


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