The IDF continues with its combined aerial, ground and naval operations in Gaza, with the goal of dismantling Hamas. As IDF Spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, stated yesterday, the Israeli Air Force, Israeli Navy, Intelligence Directorate and ISA along with our forces who are currently operating within Gaza City, are applying a great deal of pressure on Hamas.

To date, the IDF struck over 14,000 terrorist targets, has destroyed over 100 terrorist tunnels, and has confiscated over 4,000 weapons, many from inside mosques, kindergartens, residential buildings and otehr civilian areas exploited by Hamas.

The IDF has focused on eliminating senior and tactical Hamas leadership. In one such example, the IDF and ISA eliminated Hamas’ Head of Weapons and Industries, Mohsen Abu Zina, yesterday. Abu Zina served as Hamas’ leading weapons developer and had expertise in the field of strategic weapons and rockets.

Overnight, IDF troops identified a terrorist cell planning to fire anti-tank missiles. The troops called in an aerial strike on the cell, eliminating several terrorists. IDF troops also directed an aircraft to a strike on a terrorist cell responsible for launching rockets toward Israel. Several terrorists were eliminated in the strike.

The IDF is continuing to be on high alert on the northern border and is responding to any attacks against Israel. On Wednesday afternoon, IDF soldiers struck a number of anti-tank missile launching posts belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

Two IDF soldiers were injured when terrorists launched an anti-tank missile toward the area of Dovev. The IDF responded with artillery fire toward the origin of the launch. 

Two rockets were launched towards Shtula and Yiftah in northern Israel. The IDF responded with tank and artillery fire toward the source of fire. No injuries were reported.

The IDF is continuing to deliver Humanitarian aid to southern Gaza. In recent weeks, hundreds of trucks of aid including equipment, water, food and medicine have been delivered to Gaza. Yesterday, 96 trucks entered Gaza, including 5 with medical supplies, 31 with food, 8 with water, 19 with supplies for shelter and 23 more. In addition, the IDF opened another evacuation corridor today for civilians in northern Gaza to move south from 10:00-14:00. Some 50,000 Gazans utilized the corridor to move south.

The hostages are carrying the IDF and are their motivation in order to do everything in their power to be successful. 

The IDF has notified the families of the 349 IDF soldiers who have fallen in defense of the State of Israel. There have also been IDF injuries due to the past few weeks of fighting. 

  • The Military Intelligence Directorate revealed a conversation between a Gazan resident and a Hamas terrorist, which demonstrates Hamas’ exploitation of
    ambulances. (Video)

  • The destruction of a terror tunnel located near a school. The tunnel was uncovered by elite ‘Yahalom’ soldiers of the Combat Engineering Corps. (Video)


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