Southern Front

  • IDF troops continue to operate in the Gaza Strip to neautralize terrorists, destroy terrorist infrastructure, and locate weapons stored inside civilian buildings

  • IDF Special Forces continued revealing the tunnel system under the Shifa Hospital Complex. Behind a breached blast door, soldiers discovered an air-conditioned hideout room and a bathroom. The soldiers of the 7th Brigade also located two additional tunnel shafts near the hospital: one on a nearby street and the other in a nearby house.

  • The findings unequivocally display Hamas’ deliberate method of operating underneath hospitals. The terrorist organization also exploits the hospital buildings, using them to store weapons in and as terrorist headquarters.
  • During IDF operation in in Sheikh Za’id, Hamas spotters were identified in the area and eliminated.

  • IDF troops conducted targeted operational activities in the area of Beit Hanoun. During the operation, the troops located numerous weapons, AK-47 rifles, and ammunition stored inside a civilian residence. Troops also engaged in combat and eliminated a number of terrorist cells.

  • Israeli Navy forces struck several Hamas military targets, including a sniper nest as well as several military posts located along the coastline.

  • Following reports of a hostile aircraft near Eilat, an IAF fighter jet successfully intercepted a cruise missile that was launched toward Israel.

  • Givati soldiers operating in the Sheikh Zayed area located several tunnel shafts, including a strategic tunnel shaft 50 meters deep and 7 meters wide. During another activity in the same area, soldiers identified many weapons in a vehicle that was apparently used by Hamas terrorists during the brutal massacre on October 7th inside a mosque.


Northern Front

  • This morning there were a number of rocket launches from Lebanon toward the areas of Netu’a, Zar’it and Yiftah. The launches fell in an open area and no injuries were reported. The IDF struck back at the source of the launches

  • IDF fighter jets struck a number of Hezbollah targets in Lebanon. Among the targets were terrorist infrastructure and a Hezbollah military site. Additionally, an IDF tank struck a military post belonging to Hezbollah.


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