The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) has issued a public warning about, China’s intelligence service the People’s Republic of China’s Intelligence Services (PRCIS), allegedly targeting and recruiting Canadian citizens to provide information to Beijing. This comes amidst ongoing concerns about Chinese interference in Canada.


The CSIS detailed on Twitter how PRCIS proxies approach potential targets both within and outside China, primarily online. These proxies often pose as human resources recruiters or security consultants, targeting individuals seeking jobs in strategic sectors or those with high-value credentials.


Once contact is established, usually via LinkedIn, the conversation is moved to secondary platforms like WeChat or WhatsApp. The targets are then asked to write reports for payment, which contain confidential information of interest to the People’s Republic of China. Both the ‘consultant‘ and ‘B’ are actually Chinese intelligence officers, according to CSIS.


Canadian security agencies, including the CSIS and RCMP, are actively working to counter Chinese interference efforts. Over 100 investigations into foreign interference are currently underway in Canada. The public is being urged to be cautious about who they connect with on LinkedIn and other online platforms.


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