Former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, urged reforms in U.S. intelligence agencies, citing infiltration by political partisans and unwarranted surveillance of citizens. He referenced allegations of the CIA pressuring analysts over the coronavirus’s origins and criticized the agency’s dominant role in intelligence. Ratcliffe advocates for transparency, significant reforms, and principled leadership to restore trust in the FBI and Department of Justice, while remaining optimistic about America’s global standing.

Former Director of National Intelligence DNI, John Ratcliffe, has called for urgent reforms in America’s intelligence agencies. He claims political partisans have infiltrated these agencies, leading to unwarranted surveillance of American citizens, especially conservatives. Ratcliffe highlighted allegations from two CIA whistleblowers who suggest the CIA pressured analysts to alter their stance on the coronavirus’s origins to avoid supporting President Trump’s views. The CIA has denied these claims, stating they don’t pay analysts to reach specific conclusions.


Ratcliffe asserts that the CIA began embedding partisans during the Obama era, influencing the agency’s operations over time. He emphasized the growing issue, stating it’s not just a few individuals but a systemic problem. As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, Ratcliffe felt he wasn’t provided the full truth on matters like COVID-19 and the Trump-Russia collusion. He believes that while some intelligence should remain confidential, the public deserves a certain level of transparency.


During his tenure as the director of national intelligence, Ratcliffe found discrepancies between the CIA’s assessments and the actual intelligence he received. He described the CIA as the dominant force in intelligence, making it challenging for other agencies to voice differing opinions. Despite these concerns, Ratcliffe believes the U.S. possesses the world’s premier intelligence system. He doesn’t support defunding the FBI but advocates for significant reforms.

Ratcliffe hopes for a principled leade

rship in the White House to restore order in the FBI and Department of Justice. He emphasized the need for public trust in the prosecution process, suggesting it’s currently lacking. Ratcliffe remains optimistic about America’s global position, recognizing its appeal to many worldwide. However, he warns against complacency, noting challenges from those attempting to undermine the nation’s status. (aka DTL) offers global insights on privacy, liberty, and free speech in a digital era where information is largely controlled by government entities, security and intelligence bodies, and corporations, both of which wield enormous amounts of information (and power)

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