Yoni Asher, residing in Ganot Hadar village, reported his wife and two daughters, aged 3 and 5, as missing following their visit to his mother-in-law at Kibbutz Nir Oz, adjacent to the Gaza border, during the Simchat Torah holiday. Asher revealed that his family informed him of terrorists breaching the home and abducting the grandmother’s partner, instilling fears of their possible transport to the Gaza Strip. “My wife’s phone is traced to Khan Yunis. I’m apprehensive that she, our daughters, and my mother-in-law might be there since there has been no response for five hours,” he conveyed.

Asher, having alerted all security entities, later recognized his wife and daughters in videos disseminated by Hamas from Gaza. “We’re obtaining scant information and can’t communicate with neighbors due to prolonged network outages. I require confirmation and implore security forces or anyone to physically verify my family’s location,” Asher appealed to Ynet.

He also engaged the German Embassy, recounting, “My wife and her mother are German passport holders. I’ve approached the police and filed an official report, yet they’ve disclosed nothing.


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