The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) has given Palestinians in northern Gaza a stern warning to evacuate, indicating an impending ground invasion. IDF spokesperson, Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, conveyed this through an ‘urgent military advisory’ video, emphasizing the intent to confront Hamas robustly. In the aftermath, civilians were notified of Gaza City being designated a ‘battlefield’, with the Israeli military dropping leaflets cautioning that shelters in northern Gaza were no longer safe.

In the video message, IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Hagari said:

‘We urge all residents of Northern Gaza and Gaza City to temporarily relocate south.

‘This is a temporary measure. Moving back to Northern Gaza will be possible once the intense hostilities end.’

‘The impending IDF operation is set to neutralise the threat of Hamas with precision and intensity’

‘Humanity remains haunted by the massacre unleashed by Hamas on October 7. We won’t forget that.

‘Your window to act is closing. Move south for your own safety.’ 

The Israeli military spokesperson claimed that Hamas was sheltering weapons and troops in schools, mosques and hospitals.


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