Google has launched the first quantum resilient FIDO2 security key, part of OpenSK. The ECC/Dilithium hybrid signature, co-created with ETH Zürich, ensures protection against both standard and quantum threats.


The rapid advancement of quantum computers poses risks to traditional public key cryptography. However, the recent standardization, including the Dilithium algorithm, offers a defense against quantum attacks.


The team’s hybrid solution merges the ECDSA and Dilithium algorithms, providing comprehensive security. Given the unpredictability of quantum-resistant algorithms’ longevity, this method, also used by Chrome for TLS, ensures enhanced protection.


Technically, the challenge was optimizing Dilithium for security keys. The team achieved a memory-efficient design and is working on faster signature speeds. They anticipate FIDO2 standardization and broader browser integration to shield users from quantum threats.

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