Serve Robotics in Los Angeles provided the LAPD with video footage from a food delivery robot for a criminal investigation into an attempted theft, highlighting ongoing surveillance capabilities and raising privacy concerns. The robots, associated with Uber Eats, have sparked discussions and concerns among the community, especially regarding their constant presence in public spaces. While Serve Robotics claims adherence to privacy policies, the specifics of data retention and surveillance remain unclear. Extensive communication between Serve Robotics, another company Coco, and the LAPD reveals a mutual interest in partnership, prompting discussions on implications and resource strain, reports.

Serve Robotics, a food delivery robot company in Los Angeles, provided video footage to the LAPD for a criminal investigation. The incident involved an attempted theft of a robot, highlighting that these robots are always filming. The footage can be used as evidence in trials. Emails reveal Serve Robotics’ intention to work closely with the LAPD, raising questions about privacy and surveillance.

The robots, delivering for Uber Eats, have become a contentious presence in Los Angeles. They are often seen on sidewalks, leading to discussions on community social media. A video of a Serve robot at a suspected shooting event went viral, illustrating the robots’ constant interaction with public spaces. The LAPD has not elaborated on its relationship with Serve, adding to the public’s concerns, reports.

Serve Robotics maintains that the robot’s camera feed is routinely deleted, following privacy policies. However, the privacy policy is focused on customers, not on the broader community. CEO Ali Kashani addressed the incident in a blog post, emphasizing principles like not using robots for surveillance. However, specifics about data retention and surveillance policies remain unclear, leaving gaps in public understanding.

The emails obtained show extensive communication between Serve Robotics and the LAPD. Both Serve and another company, Coco, have sought close relationships with the LAPD, discussing incidents of vandalism and seeking help to prevent attacks on robots. The LAPD has shown interest in a partnership, leading to further discussions on the implications of such collaborations and the potential strain on public resources.

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