Google has unveiled new privacy tools to help users remove their personal details from search results. The new features highlighted include the “Results about you” dashboard which tracks personal information appearing in search results and allows users to request their removal.


Users can access this tool via the web or the Google mobile app, and request removal of personal details such as email addresses, phone numbers, or home addresses. Google will review these requests against their policy requirements before deciding to remove the specific search result.


The tech giant also offers assistance in removing non-consensual explicit images from its search results. Individuals can submit a removal request for images that have been published without their approval. The process involves providing contact details, the URL of the offending site, and screenshots of the images.


In addition, Google has introduced a feature to blur adult or violent images in search results, aiming to protect children and family members from explicit content. This blur setting is enabled by default, but users can adjust it according to their preferences.

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