IARPA, a US government agency that develops new tools for intelligence organizations, announced its intent to create photorealistic virtual models. These 3D models are aimed at assisting operatives, such as soldiers providing them with a detailed representation of unknown locations.


Contrary to the perfect information often shown in spy films, intelligence agencies’ capabilities are more limited. The new tool aims to construct realistic 3D models, a significant leap from the 2D depictions typically available. This would provide a comprehensive understanding of a site before personnel arrive.


The initiative is named WRIVA and is focused on creating 3D renderings from varied-altitude images. This technology leap can provide critical insights into hard-to-reach locations. It represents a shift from past practices, which involved creating physical models of locations of interest.


The goal is to create photorealistic models using various sources, such as satellite and groundlevel imagery. While not explicitly stated, the use of AI, leveraging the experience of partners like Blue Halo and Raytheon, could play a significant role in achieving this goal. This represents just the beginning of what IARPA is asking companies to do.


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