India’s draft Bill proposes a National Data Management Office to regulate and standardize data across government departments. However, advocacy groups express concerns over citizen data security. 

India, the world’s second-largest internet market, is moving to manage its vast data resources. A draft Digital India Bill reveals plans for a National Data Management Office. This entity, overseen by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, aims to regulate non-personal and anonymized personal data across government departments.

The proposed office will standardize data management, ensuring inter-governmental data access. It will spearhead the India Datasets program, aggregating data from various government and private sectors. This initiative mirrors Saudi Arabia’s approach to data management, linking to their Data & AI Authority.

However, concerns arise. Digital advocacy groups, like the Internet Freedom Foundation, warn of potential risks to citizen data. While the government’s intentions include disclosure norms for data collection and storage, the effectiveness of these measures remains to be seen.

The Digital India Bill, set to replace the 22-year-old Information Technology Act, awaits parliamentary approval. If sanctioned, it will cement the government’s commitment to modernizing India’s digital infrastructure, though with cautionary voices urging careful implementation.

Source: techcrunch (aka DTL) offers global insights on privacy, liberty, and free speech in a digital era where information is largely controlled by government entities, security and intelligence bodies, and corporations, both of which wield enormous amounts of information (and power)

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