A hacker group linked to the Iranian government attacked French comic newspaper Charlie Hebdo, causing damage to its databases. The attack followed the newspaper’s publication of controversial cartoons tied to Iran.


In its recent edition, Charlie Hebdo showcased 30 cartoons, winners of a competition organized by Iran’s spiritual leader Ali Khamenei. These cartoons included sexually explicit content and critiqued Iran’s suppression of freedom of speech and recent protests.


Following the cartoons’ publication, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdulian, warned of a firm response to the perceived insult towards Iran’s religious and political authority. He also announced the immediate closure of a French research institute operating in Iran.


Charlie Hebdo announced the cartoon competition to commemorate the 8th anniversary of a terrorist attack in Paris. This event resulted in the death of 12 individuals, including five of the newspaper’s employees.

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