Iranian-developed Android spyware, Spyhide, is compromising thousands of devices worldwide by collecting private phone data, according to new reports. This stalkerware, undetectable on a victim’s home screen, uploads contact details, messages, photos, call logs, recordings, and location data in real-time.


Swiss hacker maia arson crimew exposed the spyware’s vulnerabilities, gaining access to its backend databases. Crimew’s analysis of the Spyhide database revealed detailed records of 60,000 compromised Android devices since 2016, including call logs, text messages, and location history.


Spyhide’s vast surveillance network spans globally, with significant clusters of victims in Europe and Brazil. Despite its stealth, the spyware has exposed personal information, including millions of text messages with two-factor codes and password reset links, contact lists, and ambient recordings.


Spyhide, banned from Google’s App Store, is downloadable from its own website. It can often be disguised as a Google-themed or ringtone app. Users are advised to check their installed apps and switch on Google Play Protect to protect against such spyware.


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