• Gazan civilians moving south through the humanitarian corridor opened by the IDF (Video)
  • IAF strikes against Hamas terrorists (Video)
  • Sunday evening briefing from Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF Spokesperson (Video + English Readout)

IDF forces from the 36th Battalion, led by the Golani Reconnaissance Unit, reached the coast of Gaza, south of Gaza City. The IDF has completed encircling northern Gaza, separating Hamas strongholds in the north from the south. This strategy is proving to be effective when contending with Hamas.

The IDF continues to strike terror infrastructure in Gaza and intensify ground operations in the northern Gaza strip. Troops in Gaza are engaged in close-quarter combat, and conducting coordinated strikes, together with the navy and air force. These ground operations have unearthed a significant number of rocket launchers, tunnels, and ammunition stores.

Last night, IDF forces secured a Hamas stronghold in northern Gaza, killing a number of terrorists. This stronghold contained tunnel openings, training facilities, and lookout positions. 

The IDF is also continuing to target senior Hamas leadership. Yesterday, the IDF, relying on ISA intelligence, targeted Jamal Mussa, who was responsible for the special security operations in the Hamas terrorist organization. 

The IDF continues to call on all residents still in northern Gaza to move south. Like yesterday, humanitarian corridors were opened by the IDF for this purpose (video here). 

In the last day, Israel has struck 450 Hamas targets in Gaza. 

Humanitarian aid continues to enter Gaza, with 75 trucks crossing into Gaza

In response to attacks on northern Israel, the IDF struck a number of targets in southern Lebanon, including rocket depots, and Hezbollah military positions.

Over the last 24 hours IDF forces neutralized a number of terrorists attempting to fire into Israeli territory. Yesterday, a UAV identified deep inside Lebanon that was flying toward Israel was intercepted by the IDF Aerial Defense Array over Lebanon. Several rockets were launched from Lebanon toward Avivim and Malkia in northern Israel.

The IDF remains well-prepared along the northern border. As the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, said in a briefing in the Northern Command yesterday, “We are ready to strike in the north at any moment”.

Since the start of the war the IDF and ISA have arrested 850 Hamas suspects in Judea and Samaria. The IDF, together with other security agencies, continues to work around the clock for the safe return of every hostage.

To date, we have notified the families of 348 soldiers who fell in battle since October 7th. A total of 240 hostages remain in captivity in Gaza.


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