Ground operations against terror strongholds in northern Gaza continue, with IDF forces inflicting major damage on Hamas’ infrastructure. Over the last day, the IDF has secured a number of Hamas outposts, capturing rocket launchers, anti-tank missiles, ammunition, and intelligence materials. These attacks included air, ocean and ground forces and impaired Hamas capabilities. In addition, hundreds of RPGs, dozens of machine guns, surface-to-air missiles and more have been seized by the IDF during these operations.

A squad of soldiers from the 460th Brigade, tasked with identifying terrorist infrastructure and clearing the area, found rocket launch pits concealed near a mosque. In addition, soldiers found over 50 rockets ready to be launched towards Israel from inside a youth movement compound in northern Gaza. 

IDF troops also located a number of Hamas terrorists in a building adjacent to the al-Quds Hospital and who were planning to carry out an attack on the forces from there. IDF soldiers directed an aircraft strike. Secondary explosions from the strike indicated the presence of a Hamas weapons depot in a civilian area. 


In response to the continued firing of rockets from Lebanon, the IDF struck a number of Hezbollah targets, including arsenals, rocket launchers, technology centers, and more. On Tuesday afternoon, the IDF Aerial Defense Array intercepted a suspicious aerial target that was identified in the area of the border with Lebanon before it crossed into Israeli territory. 

Terrorists also fired at an IDF post in the area of Aramshe in northern Israel. No injuries were reported.

Aid continues to flow into southern Gaza. In the last few weeks, over 600 trucks carrying humanitarian aid have crossed into Gaza, carrying food, water, and medicine, including 70 yesterday. On Tuesday the IDF released footage of Gazans evacuating via the corridor, moving towards southern Gaza. Earlier this week, Hamas had prevented these measures by firing at IDF troops securing the route.

To date, the IDF has notified the families of 240 hostages being held in Gaza. THe IDF also notified the families of 384 fallen IDF soldiers who died fighting for the State of Israel. Yesterday Israel’s security agencies and defense ministry unveiled a memorial on Mount Herzl to all those who have fallen in the war. On the bricks are engraved the names of the IDF soldiers who have fallen in the war thus far, as well as fallen members of the police and the ISA. 

  • Gazas relocating towards southern Gaza while IDF troops secure the route ( Video )
  • Hamas’ strategy relies heavily on entrenching in civilian areas. The secondary explosions clear in this footage of an IDF strike on a Hamas cell – prove the presence of explosives in the area. ( Video )
  • Troops in Gaza discover rocket launchers in a children’s play area ( Video )
  • Monday evening briefing from Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the IDF Spokesperson ( Video + English Readout )
  • IAF Strikes Hezbollah targets in response to rocket fire at Israeli cities ( Video )

“We have been at war for a month now, we are inflicting severe damage to Hamas, damaging the leadership of Hamas, targeting the commanders, targeting the terrorists, destroying Hamas’ infrastructure in Gaza, and we are also constantly ready for other areas.
This base knows how to reach anywhere in the Middle East. I happened to see now in the 140th Squadron air support of an Adir (F-35) jet to the forces who were 200 meters away. 

IDF Chief of the General Staff Herzi Halevi, speaking to members of the Adir Squadron of F-35 jets. ( Video, Hebrew )

IDF Spokesperson


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