Last Generation, an activist group, has criticized what it sees as unnecessary surveillance, labelling criminal investigations against it as baseless. They have publicized their objections on Twitter, denouncing the tracking of their phone calls, emails, and movements by Bavaria’s regional criminal investigative police. The group’s spokesperson, Carla Hinrichs, expressed personal concerns, stating that details of private calls are being documented in public prosecutor’s files. This highlights the invasive nature of the monitoring they are subjected to. Lars Castelluci, a Bundestag parliament member, acknowledged the potential for climate movement radicalization but warned against measures that might intensify the radicalization. In contrast, Dietmar Bartsch, leader of the Left Party, suggested that the case against Last Generation was politically motivated, an election campaign stunt from Bavaria’s conservative state government. The group’s investigation, including police raids, by Bavarian prosecutors has drawn varied public responses. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser reported 580 potential criminal offenses tied to the group or its members since 2022. Last Generation has subsequently adjusted its protest methods, focusing less on public disruptions and more on prominent carbon emitters.  

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