MIT Technology Review:

Massachusetts is working on a pivotal bill to limit police use of face recognition technology. This move comes amidst waning momentum in the national movement to limit such tech, which had initially seen about 18 cities enact laws against its use by 2020.


The bill, expected to come up for a vote soon, does not propose a complete ban but seeks to restrict its use to only state police. This bipartisan bill signifies an important compromise and is considered a crucial test of sentiment towards such surveillance tools.


Massachusetts, known for its advocacy for civil liberties and tech regulation, has the highest number of municipal bans on this technology. If the state passes this bill, it could set a precedent and inspire a renewed national movement for stricter regulation.


However, failure or delay in passing this bill could indicate further stagnation in the movement. The bill’s fate thus could either signal a new age of compromise or a shift in policy focus away from surveillance tech issues.

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