French MEP Philippe Latombe, backed by German Bundestag members, has initiated legal actions against the recent EU-US data transfer agreement, aiming to overturn it due to perceived inadequacies in US data protection standards, a stance supported by critics including FDP’s Maximilian Funke-Kaiser. The ongoing dispute underscores a history of unstable data transfer agreements between the EU and the US, with the new US Data Privacy Framework, effective from 10 July, also facing scrutiny for allegedly contradicting the EU General Data Protection Regulation and violating the bloc’s Fundamental Rights charter. 


French MEP Philippe Latombe has filed two lawsuits against the recent EU-US data transfer agreement. Supported by German Bundestag members, Latombe aims to overturn the transatlantic data protection pact. Critics, including FDP’s Maximilian Funke-Kaiser, argue the US fails to uphold EU data protection standards. Previous agreements, Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield, were nullified for similar reasons.


Data activist Max Schrems plans to challenge Facebook’s data processing operations. Schrems, known for dismantling the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, hints at a significant impact on Facebook through his upcoming legal move. Meanwhile, various Bundestag groups echo unified criticism against the new EU-US data agreement, urging substantial changes to validate the pact. The necessity for clear corporate guidelines underpins the ongoing legal scrutiny.


The EU and US have struggled to maintain a stable data transfer agreement. Initial attempts, including the Safe Harbour and Privacy Shield agreements, faced rejection from the EU court over surveillance concerns. The recent US Data Privacy Framework, effective from 10 July, aims to facilitate data transfers while addressing EU data protection issues. However, Latombe asserts the framework contradicts the EU General Data Protection Regulation and infringes upon the bloc’s Fundamental Rights charter.


Digital rights NGO NOYB foresees another legal battle over the EU-US data protection framework. The organization predicts the European Commission’s third attempt at securing a stable agreement will reach the Court of Justice soon. Schrems plans to file a suit in Austria this autumn, pending the 10 October commencement of data exchange under the new framework. Schrems and Latombe will meet next week to discuss further actions.

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