As the conflict between Israel and terror organization Hamas escalates into its third

week, Gaza’s internet infrastructure faces severe challenges. On October 26, the digital watchdog NetBlocks reported on platform X (previously known as Twitter) that Palestinian ISP NetStream ceased operations following announcements of ending their service because of significant fuel shortages. By October 27, NetStream’s website was offline. While the major providers, Paltel and Mada Al-Arab in the Palestinian territories maintain some level of service, the extent to which users can access it remains uncertain. Internet security company Cloudflare identified issues with NetStream and observed other ISPs such as SpeedClick, AjyalFI, DCC, Fusion, NewStarMAX, JETNET, Digital Communications Palestine, and TechHub-HiNet being mostly or entirely disconnected since the war’s early days. On October 7, Hamas initiated an unexpected assault, resulting in over 1,400 Israeli casualties 1400 including babies, toddlers, women, and the elderly


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