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Over the last few days, in joint IDF and ISA intelligence operational activity, over 100 Hamas terrorists were apprehended and transferred for questioning in Israel; Among the apprehended suspects, three Nukhba terrorists who took part in the October 7th Massacre

Over the last few days, IDF intelligence and ISA personnel have been operating together with IDF ground troops in the Gaza Strip. The troops conducted dozens of questionings in different areas in which ground activities are being conducted and apprehended over 100 terrorists for further questioning in Israel.

In addition, Nukhba terrorists were apprehended, as well as operatives responsible for rocket fire, explosives, sniper fire, and logistics, who disclosed the locations of underground tunnels, storage compounds, and weaponry. They disclosed operating methods used by the terrorist organization, as well as details regarding tunnel digging and the recruitment process.

The information gained from the interrogations of the terrorists serves the troops who are operating from the air and the ground in the Gaza Strip and is being used to receive precise and up-to-date intelligence from the field, which assists the ongoing combat efforts.


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