In response to an incoming state law requiring age-verification, Pornhub, one of the most popular websites in the United States, has decided to block access to its site for all users in Arkansas. The law, set to take effect on August 1, obliges adult websites to verify user ages.


The upcoming legislation is backed by Sen. Tyler Dees and Rep. Mindy McAlindon. Companies like Pornhub argue that requiring ID submissions puts user data and privacy at risk. This action mirrors recent blocks in Utah, Mississippi, and Virginia.


Pornhub’s statement underscores concerns over user safety, suggesting device-based identification as a superior alternative. The company has temporarily disabled access in Arkansas, urging users to contact representatives for change.


Despite Pornhub’s block, the company recognizes that tech-savvy users can bypass such restrictions. These actions reflect the ongoing dialogue between government regulation and online privacy.


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