Russian authorities, suspecting US espionage, have barred thousands of officials from using iPhones and other Apple products. The trade ministry, among others, will prohibit using iPhones for work purposes, reflecting a broader anti-Apple sentiment.


Apple devices like iPhones and iPads have been banned in key institutions due to concerns over increased spying activities by US intelligence agencies. Security officials declared that iPhones are no longer safe and are seeking alternatives. Similar bans are expected in the finance and energy ministries.


This move is part of Russia’s effort to transition state institutions from foreign technology to domestically developed software by 2025. Some, however, doubt the effectiveness of this ban in alleviating concerns of Western intelligence accessing sensitive Russian information.


The pushback against Apple began when Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) announced a US spying operation using Apple devices. The FSB alleges thousands of iPhones were “infected” with monitoring software, indicating Apple’s “close co-operation” with the US National Security Agency, a claim Apple strongly denies.



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