835d6581-aa4...The soldiers of the Givati Brigade conducted operational activity at the headquarters of Hamas’ Northern Brigade, which is located in the Sheikh Zayed area in the northern Gaza Strip. Sheikh Zayed is a neighborhood in which many senior operatives of the Hamas terrorist organization live. In this area there are many Hamas outposts that are used, among other things, by Hamas’ Nukhba forces and are located in the heart of the civilian population.

The soldiers carried out operational activity at the outpost, where they located several tunnel shafts, including a strategic tunnel shaft 50 meters deep and 7 meters wide. A scaled-down model simulating an IDF armored fighting vehicle and a wall simulating the security fence of Gaza were also located in the area. In addition, launch complexes were located that include a lathe for the production of rockets, underground pits intended for launching rockets as well as many additional weapons.

As part of the activity, the soldiers eliminated dozens of terrorists in the area. At the end of the operation, the soldiers destroyed the outpost.

Furthermore, in another activity in the same area, soldiers of the Givati Brigade identified many weapons in a vehicle that was apparently used by Hamas terrorists during the brutal massacre on October 7th inside a mosque.


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