Approximately 40 migrants reached the UK, ferried by the RNLI to Dover. This happens as Rishi Sunak prepares to outline his solution for managing the migrant crisis. Tomorrow, the government is set to reveal stringent measures, including lifetime bans on residency or citizenship for migrants entering Britain through irregular routes.


The new measures, costing around £3billion, aim to prevent small boats from attempting the dangerous journey across the Channel. Critics label these plans as unworkable. Last year, around 45,000 people made this perilous crossing, and curbing these crossings is a crucial pledge by Sunak ahead of the next election.


A significant part of the forthcoming legislation, the Illegal Migration Bill, will restrict asylum claims, facilitating easier removal of irregular migrants. However, critics argue that these changes could inadvertently incentivize more crossings. The government’s spokesperson states the focus will be on deporting people to safe third countries or their countries of origin, but uncertainty remains about the specific countries migrants can be sent to.


New laws will also limit the use of human rights laws by Channel migrants to avoid removal from Britain. The Bill, due to be unveiled tomorrow, will severely limit the potential for asylum seekers arriving through irregular routes to use claims under the Human Rights Act. It will also enhance the Home Office’s ability to insist on foreign legal appeals.


The Bill

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