The scandal of secret wiretapping targeting high-ranking Greek government officials, journalists, and military officers continues to unfold. On Friday, 27 JUN 2023, the government narrowly survived a no-confidence vote.


The covert surveillance was carried out on several individuals and office bearers using a tool named Predator . The tool closely resembles Pegasus, an Israeli NSO product. Preliminary details suggest it’s produced by a software company, Cytrox, based in Skopje, North Macedonia.


Amid the ongoing investigation into the illegal wiretapping affair, which started back in 2020, several high-ranking officials resigned. These include Panagiotis Kontoleon, the Head of the Greek National Security Service, the person responsible for the communication authority.


Due to Greece’s membership in the European Union and concerns about the scale of the covert surveillance tool’s use, the European Parliament decided to dispatch the PEGA Committee to investigate the use of Predator.

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