As a part of the ground operation in Gaza, a Paratroopers Brigade team led a focused operation in northern Gaza, which included taking control over the area.

In the operation, the Paratroopers Brigade troops exposed an underground tunnel shaft, right next to an amusement park. The shaft was destroyed by the forces.

“We are in an amusement park area,” Maj. Roei, a commander in the Paratroopers Brigade explains, “with the help of the forces, we found a logistic shaft. The tunnels did not skip this area. We just destroyed it. We plan on doing that everywhere we go”.

In addition, together with Armored Corps forces from the 7th Brigade, an underground shaft and a weapons storage space were found right next to a university. It contained chemical materials, RPGs, AK-47s, explosive devices and more. All of these are an additional proof of Hamas’ cynical use of civilian areas and people as human shields for their terror purposes. 

“There are Armored Corps forces, paratroopers from the 202 Battalion, Combat Engineering Corps, D9s”, the 202 Battalion’s commander, Lt. Col. Almog explains concerning the subject of finding a shaft in the area of the university, “we exposed a major and meaningful shaft, that probably leads to a net of tunnels. We will continue to destroy infrastructure thoroughly”.


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