Two Turkish individuals were arrested and testified in Piraeus on espionage charges after being caught using a drone to monitor a naval base in Poros, Greece.  Following a search that extended to the Peloponnese region due to suspicions they fled there, the individuals were located and arrested in a Monemvasia hotel by police and the National Intelligence Service. 

Two Turkish individuals were arrested on espionage charges and testified to a Piraeus investigator. They were caught monitoring a naval base in Poros using a drone. Authorities are currently scrutinizing the materials they possessed, suspecting they filmed other military facilities. The suspects had arrived in Poros on large-capacity BMW motorcycles.


The drone operation was noticed last Saturday, initiating a search for the individuals identified as Turkish citizens. They had booked a hotel room under the name M.T. and initiated the drone flight over the Poros naval base [map] without specifying a target. The drone was airborne around 7 a.m., recording for approximately 10 minutes. The activities of the suspects in the subsequent three hours remain unclear.


Following the identification of the suspects, authorities launched a manhunt. The suspects had departed towards Galata early in the morning. The prosecution initiated an espionage case, issuing search warrants for the individuals believed to be traveling on their distinct motorcycles in the Peloponnese region. The uncertainty surrounding their actions post-departure from Poros adds to the gravity of the case.


The suspects were eventually located and arrested in Monemvasia where they had reserved hotel rooms. The arrest occurred as they entered the hotel restaurant, with the National Intelligence Service participating in the operation. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has taken charge of the case, holding the suspects’ mobile phones and the digital files from the drone for examination. The evaluation of the recorded materials will dictate the subsequent steps in the legal process.

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