The UK government has refreshed its counter-terrorism strategy (CONTEST) to manage the evolving terrorist threats. This initiative aims to secure the UK and its interests overseas, enabling citizens to carry on their lives safely and confidently.


Since its last update in 2018, CONTEST’s collaborative framework has proven successful, mitigating serious terrorist threats and reallocating national security resources. However, the threat landscape has transformed, presenting a more unpredictable domestic terrorist threat and a persistent threat from overseas Islamist groups.


Recognizing the rising risk of terrorism, the UK government pledges to enhance counter-terrorism responses. This includes leveraging expert advice from multiple sectors, maintaining investment in threat assessment capabilities, and bolstering public-private partnerships to prevent attacks and minimize casualties.


The Home Office leads the implementation of CONTEST, with the strategy developed by a diverse group including government departments, intelligence agencies, victims of terrorism and their families, academics, and the public. The initiative highlights the public’s vital role in preventing and responding to terrorist attacks.


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