The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is urging all UN Member States to review resolution 47/16, which pertains to the protection of human rights on the internet. The resolution outlines the need for a comprehensive study on internet shutdown trends, their causes, legal implications, and their effects on various human rights.

The study aims to encourage stakeholders to share best practices for bridging digital divides and enabling digital inclusion. The OHCHR invites member states to contribute to the study by providing information related to disruptions in communication, impacts of such disruptions, initiatives for internet connectivity, and data about the affected communities.

The OHCHR is interested in the number of mandated communication disruptions, their legality, affected locations, and their impacts. Furthermore, the office seeks data on the impact of these disruptions on economic, social, cultural, and political activities and rights, with particular focus on how shutdowns affect women, children, and specific communities. 

The office has requested that contributions be sent via email by the end of January 2022. These contributions will then be made available on the OHCHR website. Further consultations with experts and member states are planned for February 2022.

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