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USS Thomas Hudner (DDG-116) shot down multiple one-way attack drones launched from Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen, U.S. Central Command announced on X, Wednesday night.

This is the second time Thomas Hudner shot down drones launched from Yemen in two weeks. The guided-missile destroyer also shot down a drone in the Red Sea on Nov. 15, USNI News previously reported.

Thomas Hudner shot down the drone while on patrol in the Red Sea. No injuries or damage were reported. CENTCOM did not provide additional details.

Hudner is part of the Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, but is operating separately from the strike group. USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) is in the Eastern Mediterranean as part of the U.S. response to the Hamas attacks. Hudner is now in the Red Sea, USNI News understands. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin ordered the second extension of the Ford carrier strike group, USNI News reported on Monday.

“When the secretary feels that the Ford is ready to rotate out, we will certainly let you know, but at this moment, … she remains on station in the Eastern Med,” Singh said.

The attack on Hudner comes as the U.S. naval presence in the region has been boosted following the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel and the subsequent conflict in Gaza. In addition to the Ford Strike group, the U.S. has deployed aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) and its escorts as well as the Bataan Amphibious Ready Group and the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit to the Middle East.

U.S. forces have been attacked 66 times since Oct. 17, with 32 attacks in Iraq and 34 in Syria, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters on Tuesday. The uptick in attacks began 10 days after the Hamas’ Oct. 7 attacks on southern Israel. The Pentagon has continued to say the attacks on U.S. troops are not connected to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

This included a Monday night attack on Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, Singh told reporters. Following the attack, a U.S. AC-130 conducted a self-defense strike against a vehicle belonging to an Iranian-backed militia, killing members of the militia group, she said. The U.S. has also conducted strikes against weapons facilities that the Department of Defense links to Iranian-backed groups.


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