Lior Haiat, Spokesperson of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 14 OCT 2023:


These are sad days for the state of Israel. More than 1300 people were murdered, and more than 100 were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. In these dark days there is also some light. We will always remember our friends that stood by us, that supported us, that came here to Israel to hug us.  We will never forget. We will also remember those who celebrated the massacre of Israeli children. We will remember the ones that could not wait to demonize Israel. The ones who spoke about “proportionally” when Israeli babies were murdered and burned alive. The ones that refused to call these murderers what they are: terrorists. The ones that said they needed to be “balanced” when describing the massacre of babies and toddlers. The ones who said they lost their sympathy for Israel when we had no choice but to defend ourselves. We will never ever forget. Nor forgive.


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